[unisog] Cyber Security Summit 2005 - Knoxville, TN

Matthew Cornett mcornett at utk.edu
Wed Sep 7 19:35:13 GMT 2005

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The University of Tennessee, in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and the TVA Office of the
Inspector General, is proud to announce the First Cyber Security Alliance
Conference in Eastern Tennessee.  This conference will be held on October
19th and 20th, 2005 at the UT Conference Center in Knoxville, TN. 


The theme is "Confronting Cyber Security Challenges."  Its purpose is to
promote a closer working relationship between law enforcement, higher
education, and industry in identifying and dealing with cyber crime and
related matters. The target audience is federal, state, and local law
enforcement officers and private industry (IT Professionals/ System
Administrators) as well as InfraGard members and academic/government
employees involved in Cyber Security Management.  The speakers at the
Knoxville Cyber Security Summit feature leaders in information security


This is a break-even event.  Therefore, the cost of the conference--which
includes breakfast and lunch--is only $75.00 US.


For more details please visit the following URL


Thank you,


Matthew Cornett



Matthew E. Cornett

Senior Security Analyst

Information Security Office

University of Tennessee





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