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Ransel Yoho ransel at kent.edu
Fri Sep 16 14:29:24 GMT 2005

Hi Cal,
 Kent State also has seen issues with DNS udp requests failing at our 
packetshaper, even with the DNS hosts in a critical server partition with a 
higher priority than the rest of campus. To get around this issue, we 
applied an ignore policy to the DNS servers.
 Ransel Yoho
Network Services, Kent State University

 On 9/16/05, Cal Frye <cjf at calfrye.com> wrote: 
> We're starting to have problems this week with off-campus folks seeing 
> temporary
> inability to resolve some of our servers. Duration of the outage is half 
> an hour
> to an hour or two, as far as we can tell. Limited testing suggests that 
> pointing
> to different name servers can fix the problem, sometimes not. At least 
> Verizon
> and Cox customers have been affected.
> We'd like to rule out our own gear, firewall, packetshaper, etc. before we 
> go
> blaming the ISPs. But is anyone else seeing DNS troubles with off-campus 
> users?
> Is cache poisoning on the increase this week? Many thanks for your 
> consideration.
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