[unisog] Intelligent Patch Panels

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Mon Sep 19 23:50:45 GMT 2005

I'm thinking its more from the angle of reducing human intervention for 
"adds/moves/changes"...There was a good article on this ~ 1995...its a 
shame this technology never took off....


Michael Holstein wrote:

>>We have been doing research on intelligent patch panel products  from 
>>the point of view of security.
>>But I am yet to see one which automatically bridges the connections as well.
>>Is any one know such intelligent patch panel product which automatically 
>>connects the ports.
>So you want a device that can accept multiple CAT5 (or whatever) 
>connections, and automatically connect them to the switch based on some CLI?
>Sounds like a switch to me ....
>Edge gear being as cheap as it is, why not just connect all the ports 
>the switch? .. unless you've gone *really* overboard (like 8 ports per 
>room or something), it'd be cheaper and more functional to just have a 
>switch connected to all of them. Then setup extra VLANS in case you want 
>to do spans (for monitoring) -- even the cheap-o edge cisco boxes let 
>you setup 2 monitor sessions (each can snoop multiple ports at 
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