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Tue Sep 20 04:27:29 GMT 2005

Hi All,
Thanks for your feedback.
Here are the existing solutions related to Patch Panels. Infact all of them 
are excellent products.
But none seems to solve our problem. We have testlab of approx. 200 machines 
so frequent interconnections is a daily job. 








On 9/19/05, Michael Holstein <michael.holstein at csuohio.edu> wrote:
> > We have been doing research on intelligent patch panel products from
> > the point of view of security.
> > But I am yet to see one which automatically bridges the connections as 
> well.
> > Is any one know such intelligent patch panel product which automatically
> > connects the ports.
> So you want a device that can accept multiple CAT5 (or whatever)
> connections, and automatically connect them to the switch based on some 
> CLI?
> Sounds like a switch to me ....
> Edge gear being as cheap as it is, why not just connect all the ports
> the switch? .. unless you've gone *really* overboard (like 8 ports per
> room or something), it'd be cheaper and more functional to just have a
> switch connected to all of them. Then setup extra VLANS in case you want
> to do spans (for monitoring) -- even the cheap-o edge cisco boxes let
> you setup 2 monitor sessions (each can snoop multiple ports at
> simultaneously).
> ~Mike
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