[unisog] Computer tracking software

Brian Smith-Sweeney bsmithsweeney at nyu.edu
Mon Apr 3 21:56:18 GMT 2006

Hello all,

We have a campus-wide insurance policy for computers which protects
users from (among other things) losses due to theft.  This policy comes
with a deductible, which according to our insurance provider is waived
if the user installs "tracking software". They recommend CrossingGuard
for the PC, and MacPhoneHome for the Mac, for this purpose.

I took a quick look at CrossingGuard and wasn't too happy with it, so
I'm looking at alternatives.  The obvious next choice for us is PCPhone
Home, since our insurance provider is already familiar with MacPhoneHome.

Has anyone had any experiences with PhoneHome or other tracking software
they would like to share?


Brian Smith-Sweeney      Sr. Network Security Analyst
ITS Technology Security Services, New York University
bsmithsweeney at nyu.edu

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