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Art Exner art.exner at uregina.ca
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Not that I have a great deal of experience with this product segment, but I 
did use a product called AbsoluteTrack from Absolute Software 
(www.absolute.com) to monitor/track some 130 laptops used in the 2005 
Canada Summer Games.

It was certainly good enough, and let us recover a couple of misplaced 
machines (volunteers are not the most disciplined IT stewards).

For what it's worth...

--On April 3, 2006 5:56 PM -0400 Brian Smith-Sweeney 
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> Hello all,
> We have a campus-wide insurance policy for computers which protects
> users from (among other things) losses due to theft.  This policy comes
> with a deductible, which according to our insurance provider is waived
> if the user installs "tracking software". They recommend CrossingGuard
> for the PC, and MacPhoneHome for the Mac, for this purpose.
> I took a quick look at CrossingGuard and wasn't too happy with it, so
> I'm looking at alternatives.  The obvious next choice for us is PCPhone
> Home, since our insurance provider is already familiar with MacPhoneHome.
> Has anyone had any experiences with PhoneHome or other tracking software
> they would like to share?
> Cheers,
> Brian
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