[unisog] Computer tracking software

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Apr 4 16:35:37 GMT 2006

Casey L. Moore wrote:
> We've used CompuTrace (Absolute's solution) as well for our laptops.  We
> recovered a system that was stolen, re-imaged, and then sold on e-bay.
> It showed up in Colorado.  The company worked with the local police on
> both sides to recover and return the system.  
This is an important part of the system -- recovery.  It's all very well
knowing that your stolen laptop is on the net at IP xxx.xx.x.x but what
are you going to do about it, particularly if it is in another country?
 Probably not so much of an issue for those of you in the US but here
stolen laptops are regularly exported, particularly to Asia. (Flogged to
 foreign students going home?)  Some of the companies offer assistance
in a wide range of countries where they maintain links with local police.

One outfit we looked at also had metal tags that you attached to the
laptops "saying Property of ....".  If they were put on a plastic case
and later removed the message "stolen from ...." was chemically etched
in the plastic.   I always wondered what the reaction of the leasing
company would be if we used those ;)


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