[unisog] Computer tracking software

Chris Edwards chris at eng.gla.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 10:11:47 GMT 2006

Casey L. Moore:

| We've used CompuTrace (Absolute's solution) as well for our laptops.  We
| recovered a system that was stolen, re-imaged, and then sold on e-bay.

I wonder how it survies the system being re-imaged ?

Joseph Brennan:

| > Two of the questions I'm interested to get answered by
| > PCPhoneHome are 1) do they keep a copies of those emails, and 2) can we
| > reconfigure the software to use our servers.
| It sends its mail to port 80 on the vendor's server.  That is normally 
| the http port.  This is pretty cool because the stolen PC could turn up 
| anywhere on the net, and no matter where it is, it is very likely that 
| it can send data to port 80.  Think of how many ISPs have restrictions 
| on sending to mail ports.

Talks SMTP over port 80 ?

That won't work too well in anyplace with an HTTP proxy for web access.

The most reliable phone-home method would seem to be some sort of web 
request, using the system / IE proxy settings.

Chris Edwards, Glasgow University Computing Service

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