[unisog] [Computer-support] Getting things deleted from Google's cache

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if you're unlucky, you may find that it's on wayback(
http://www.archive.org/ ) too :-( 

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> Hi,
> 	We had an incident where a file was exposed to the 
> Internet on a web server that should not have been visible 
> outside. The problem was first discovered back in December 
> and the firewall settings changed so the the server was no 
> longer accessible from outside.  Everyone heaved a sight of 
> relief and went back to sleep.  Last week we found out that 
> the file was still available via Google!  Ouch!!
> It turns out that Google will delete pages from the cache if 
> and only if it gets a 404 from the url (I assume there must 
> be some timeout ???).
> By simply removing the server from the net we did not get the 
> file out of Google's cache and it sat there for four months.
> We are now 'resurrecting' a skeleton server to expire all 
> material from Google's cache.
> One other thing I found ( thanks to "es0" on #unisog) is the 
> url to request Google to remove items from the cache 
> urgently.  This still requires that Google gets a 404 for the 
> url and takes "3 to 5 days".
> http://services.google.com:8882/urlconsole/controller?cmd=relo
> This site also has information on how to use meta tags to 
> control what Google indexes.  I wish Google had prominent 
> links to this url on their contact and security pages, it 
> would have saved me quite some time.
> This information was published in the spring issue of 2600.
> Cheers, Russell
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