[unisog] RSA SecurID with ESX

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Wed Apr 12 20:41:45 GMT 2006

> Has anyone successfully gotten the SecurID Unix agent working with the
> ESX web login (vmware-authd)?  It seems to work fine with sshd; however,
> I can't seen to get it working with the ESX web console.  I also wasn't
> successful getting it working with local login.  It authenticates the
> user, however, the session immediately logs out after I attempt to login
> to the local console.  Thanks,
    We use a locally written PAM client for SecurID. When we looked at
Redhat AS4, we got the same problem described above -- clients would be
authenticated but then the session would immediately terminate. I think
the problem was related to conflicts with the threading support that came
with the 2.6 Linux kernel. I am not sure what ESX is based on but it may
be the same problem. 
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