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Alexandra Yates Alexandra-Yates at utc.edu
Thu Apr 13 19:32:06 GMT 2006

Good point Micheal, I need a Collaborative Development Environment. I am
looking into the options that you listed in your previous message.


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Are you looking for a CMS (ala, Joomla, *nuke, Zope, etc.) or are you
looking for a Collaborative Development Environment? Probably the most
well-known example is of course SourceForge.net. Manage CVS/SVN
repositories, file releases, etc. They do have several commercial
offerings that I went through reviewing for my other job. In the end we
chose gForge, a fork of the SourceForge code before it went commercial.
Other alternatives we looked at were CollabNet (used to run what was
once known as cvshome) and runs various other big names. We also looked
at Trac, which is essentially a giant wiki. Savannah is another
alternative and is another fork of the SF code. But at the other job, we
have public releases with anonymous pserver access to the code. Whether
or not this is something you want, I don't know. Perhaps a
CVS/SVN/Bitkeeper/some other SCM repository and a small frontend that'll
package nightlies from the repository? What are you looking for?


Alexandra Yates wrote:
> I am looking to setup a Content Management server to collaborate coding
> my department.  Any ideas about a tool that you are currently using or
> to manage scripting as php, perl, html, mysql is welcome. 
> Thank you, 
> Alexandra Yates 
> IT Network Support 
> University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 
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