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Fer van Nieuwenhuizen TeachOffice at Wanadoo.nl
Tue Apr 18 23:07:58 GMT 2006

You wrote: 
"We are now 'resurrecting' a skeleton server to expire all material from
Google's cache".

(unless you uninstall Google it starts/continues indexing again!) 
The same problem occurs with Google's Desktop Search as well!
Question 1: 
Isn't it possible to remove the cache at all? Couldn't find it on my laptop,
by the way.
Question 2: 
Instead of removing the whole cache, wouldn't it be a better approach to
give the user the opportunity to remove entries from the cache?
I browse the Internet to get information. Some of which is very useful for
my profession, a lot is worth reading and keeping, but (very) much is not
worth keeping as a reference.
But Google "thinks" it is. And although it means (some) manual labour, I
would be very happy to selectively remove entries from the cache, as I also
can from my Cookies-library.
Your - hopefully - positive answer will be highly appreciated!
With regards,
Fer van Nieuwenhuizen
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