[unisog] MS alg.exe listening on tcp

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Wed Apr 19 18:41:33 GMT 2006

I stand corrected (I was in Unix-Land for awhile so it took me awhile before 
I could check it).  Yes, the firewall works perfectly without it.

For some reason I was confusing Internet Connection Sharing (which the 
firewall is part of) and ALG.

Anyway - I am in the process of disabling ALG on machines.

If anyone finds something that gets broken when ALG is disabled - let us know.

John Gerth wrote:

> PaulFM wrote:
>>The Windows firewall is now part of alg (Application Layer Gateway Service) 
>>since SP2, so you need it running to use the firewall (and you may need it 
>>running to use third-party firewalls).
>   Hmmm.....I stopped and disabled ALG and my XP firewall (patched through April 06)
>   seems to be working just fine although I could easily believe ALG might be needed
>   with third-party software.
>   What kind of firewall failures should I be seeing?

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