[unisog] Password policies

Paul Russell prussell at nd.edu
Fri Apr 21 02:50:00 GMT 2006

On 4/20/2006 00:03, Leinweber, James wrote:
> The problem comes when there are a lot of passwords,
> particularly if they have to be changed often.  I actually use
> different passwords with every account.  And I have multiple
> accounts on multiple computers, some of which are are used
> very infrequently.  I can't possibly remember several hundred
> good ones, and that's how many I'm dealing with.  Plus for
> some system administrative passwords, business continuity
> required by law and regulation (e.g. HIPAA) means we have to
> have an escrow mechanism.

I have been using a application called STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling
Important Passwords) for several years. This is a password and account
manager which runs on Palm OS and allows you to store hundreds of
host/user/password combinations in an encrypted database on the PDA.

See http://www.identicentric.com/products/strip/ for more information.

Paul Russell, Senior Systems Administrator
OIT Messaging Services Team
University of Notre Dame
prussell at nd.edu

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