[unisog] OT: Putting Encyption Functions in the HDDs

Bill MacGregor [online anyway] wmahi at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 13:43:11 GMT 2006

    Yes  AES would be much better but I do not
believe I could come up with the money to break
Triple DES fast enough to make it worth my time.

snip> Triple DES is a minor variation of this
standard. It is three times slower than regular
DES but can be billions of times more secure if
used properly. Triple DES enjoys much wider use
than DES because DES is so easy to break with
today's rapidly advancing technology. In 1998 the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, using a specially
developed computer called the DES Cracker,
managed to break DES in less than 3 days. And
this was done for under $250,000. The encryption
chip that powered the DES Cracker was capable of
processing 88 billion keys per second. In
addition, it has been shown that for a cost of
one million dollars a dedicated hardware device
can be built that can search all possible DES
keys in about 3.5 hours. This just serves to
illustrate that any organization with moderate
resources can break through DES with very little
effort these days. No sane security expert would
consider using DES to protect data.

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