[unisog] Recording IM conversations/mapping users to IM

McCoy, Carrie McCoyCa at missouri.edu
Wed Feb 8 17:04:14 GMT 2006

We are currently looking at IM security products as well.  We're
approaching it from the worm angle rather than archiving though.  We
have IPS on our boundary also but it only has a few rules specific to IM
worms and we are interested in seeing how much IM worm traffic is being
generated between our security zones.  We have looked at the same
vendors as well as FaceTime Communications. 

Carrie McCoy
Information Security & Account Management
IAT Services, University of Missouri - Columbia

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I know this has been discussed before, but this is something I want to
revisit following an incident at my institution. Right now I'm looking
at IMLogic IM Manager and Akonix products. I want to record
conversations, map employee names to a central database, be able to flag
a screen name for further investigation, etc. We have an IPS on our
boundary, so I'm not as worried about IM worms.

Micheal Cottingham
micheal.cottingham at sv.vccs.edu
Southside Virginia Community College
Network Security - Christanna Campus
1 434 949 1078

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