[unisog] Recording IM conversations/mapping users to IM

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Thu Feb 9 19:08:35 GMT 2006


I went down this road awhile ago and came up with 3 products:

Akonix: good -- but pricey and a bit of a challenge to install
Netscape/AOL IM Proxy: Only does AIM, VERY pricey (per seat -- no bulk), 
very granular -- AD/LDAP aware -- I think the product is dead though.
FaceTime: Pretty good all around sollution, but more focused on blocking 
than just recording. (they actually wrote most of the AOL/Netscape proxy)

Micheal Cottingham wrote:

>I know this has been discussed before, but this is something I want to
>revisit following an incident at my institution. Right now I'm looking
>at IMLogic IM Manager and Akonix products. I want to record
>conversations, map employee names to a central database, be able to flag
>a screen name for further investigation, etc. We have an IPS on our
>boundary, so I'm not as worried about IM worms.

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