[unisog] Google Desktop (cNET inquiry)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Feb 14 00:28:58 GMT 2006

> Sensitive information (student information and other restricted files)
> could be accidentally indexed through misconfiguration and it is
> probably easier to block the whole application than take any risks.

And therein lies the problem -- I don't think the application itself is 
inherently evil, but the potential for information leakage via it 
exceeds it's potential value.

Being able to easily access your research from home won't make the 
papers -- but someone getting a student's SSN most certianly will.

I do hate the idea of "collective punishment", but in the ongoing fight 
between technology (which tries to make things "idoit proof") and human 
evolution (which endevours to provide better idoits), we are forced to 
punish the masses because some moron will share his mapped drives on Google.

(My $0.02).

Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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