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Stephen C Woods scw at seas.ucla.edu
Tue Feb 14 16:37:18 GMT 2006

On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 08:39:50AM -0500, Hall, Rand wrote:
[... lots of good information...]
> *and sensitive information in the trash can or in plain sight--a
> testament to HUNDREDS of years of failed user education.

   Many years ago I went through the USMC Embassy Guard School, it was very
enlightening...  One of the jobs is to snoop through the trash looking for
IBM Selectric typewriter ribbons (they were single use,  you could read
anything that was typed) looking for the words:
  Classified documents have those as the first word(s) of both the header
and footer.

  Also looking for unlocked safes and/or classified file cabinets,
Classified documents in the trash, on left on desks (under blotters was
a common location),  safe combinations etc...

  Our instructors said that it was routine to find such stuff a couple
of times a month in the larger Embassies.


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