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Mark Sondergard Mark.Sondergard at Colorado.EDU
Tue Feb 14 23:47:46 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,
Our University has designed some over all policies for "Telecom and
Personal Technology".  These policies require the departmental units to
create "guidelines" for their constituents.
    Telecom includes cellular telephone goods and services and
electronic data transfer goods and services. 
    Personal Technology includes personal computers and their peripheral
equipment that is either portable or at a fixed personal location, such
as at an individual's home as opposed to an off-campus or on-campus
university location.
The more specific instructions given we the following:
             1. Develop written guidelines so that the type of equipment
and services paid for with university funds is commensurate with the
individual's job duties, job schedule, job location, and travel

2. Adopt guidelines to provide reasonable assurance that the
Telecommunications and/or Personal Technology provided is the minimum
required to accomplish official university business. For example, if
having a cell phone is sufficient for accomplishing official university
business, then it is not permissible to use university funds to acquire
a personal technology device that also features email and access to web

	a. Individuals desiring to upgrade Telecommunications and/or
Personal Technology equipment may request to do so at their own expense.
However, if the university pays any portion of the Telecommunications
and/or Personal Technology equipment cost, then the equipment belongs to
the university. 
	b. Similarly, individuals wanting to upgrade their
Telecommunications and/or Personal Technology plan will not be
reimbursed at rates in excess of those stated in the Reimbursement

Does anyone currently have written policies or guidelines that might
cover something like this.  It would not take much to write something
but I would really like to know what all of you are doing and not
reinvent a wheel.
Thank you for your time,
Mark Sondergard
Director of Information Technology
Leeds School of Business
University of Colorado at Boulder
419 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0419



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