[unisog] Google Desktop (v3) [was (v4)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Wed Feb 15 14:22:23 GMT 2006

> I have been getting thousands of hits on this rule and it certainly find
> all the machines running GD, i.e. as it stands it only is useful if you
> have banned GD altogether.  It would be great if we could refine the
> rule so it only triggers on file upload attempts -- any ideas on ways to
> do this?

Well, after looking at all the ways to chain rules in Snort (flows or 
dynamic) neither will do what I want.

I need to first detect the GD user-agent string, and then (dynamically) 
look for TLS traffic to google.com. I won't be able to tell if the 
subsequent TLS traffic is a gmail login or GD uploadings -- but the 
timing would indicate that.

My current thinking is using the alert-unixsock action and using perl to 
run a listener on the target socket -- to dynamically generate a list of 
internal IPs running GD. A second instance of snort (which will HUP upon 
a new add to the list) will do nothing except watch tcp/443 traffic with 
one rule (the TLS session setup to google) and block those attempts.

I'll keep everyone posted.


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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