[unisog] Drive Encryption (was: Windows Encrypted File System (EFS))

Andy Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Wed Feb 15 15:20:36 GMT 2006

Along these lines, does anyone have experience with drive encryption 
packages such as PGP Desktop?  Or anything (including  EFS, if you have 
a policy requiring it) that uses encryption to secure stored data?  Has 
anything like this been implemented in a university setting (or a part 
of one)?  If so, does it help and how much of a pain is it to support? 

Subjective opinions and hearsay appreciated.


- Andy

Stasiniewicz, Adam wrote:

>It does have its uses.  It is designed to be a transparent file system
>encryption system.  It is not designed to replace GPG, PGP, or any other
>file based encryption system.  If you are looking for something that
>protects files while in transit, EFS is not for you.  If you are looking
>for something to secure file stored on a HD that has a risk of being
>stolen, EFS might be an option for you.
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