[unisog] Drive Encryption

Stejerean, Cosmin cosmin at cti.depaul.edu
Wed Feb 15 17:37:01 GMT 2006

I have been using TrueCrypt to create encrypted volumes and protect all
critical data on my laptop, desktop and portable USB drives. And if
you're worried about rubber hose 'cryptanalysis' the encrypted volume
inside an encrypted volume (named hidden volume by TrueCrypt) is really


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I highly recommend TrueCrypt (www.truecrypt.org). It's free, and easy to



Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

Andy Johnston wrote:
> Along these lines, does anyone have experience with drive encryption 
> packages such as PGP Desktop?  Or anything (including  EFS, if you
> a policy requiring it) that uses encryption to secure stored data?
> anything like this been implemented in a university setting (or a part

> of one)?  If so, does it help and how much of a pain is it to support?

> Subjective opinions and hearsay appreciated.
> Thanks,
> - Andy
> Stasiniewicz, Adam wrote:
>>It does have its uses.  It is designed to be a transparent file system
>>encryption system.  It is not designed to replace GPG, PGP, or any
>>file based encryption system.  If you are looking for something that
>>protects files while in transit, EFS is not for you.  If you are
>>for something to secure file stored on a HD that has a risk of being
>>stolen, EFS might be an option for you.
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