[unisog] Experiences with PlanetLab

John H. Sawyer jsawyer at ufl.edu
Mon Feb 20 21:00:30 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,

We have a couple of hosts on our campus participating in the PlanetLab
research network. Researchers request "slices" of time and resources on
the PlanetLab network to run experiments such as Internet mapping and
content distribution. We have received various complaints over the last
six months about things like TCP and ICMP scanning.

I know there are institutions represented on this list that are
participating--according to the PlanetLab site--and I was hoping to get
some feedback as to what related security issues you've dealt with and
any policies you may have developed in response to PlanetLab.

[1] http://www.planet-lab.org/php/overview.php

John H. Sawyer - GCFA GCIH GCFW
    UF IT Security Engineer
352.392.2061 -  infosec.ufl.edu

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