[unisog] Risk analysisy

Stephen C Woods scw at seas.ucla.edu
Tue Feb 21 20:16:38 GMT 2006

> Trying to provision independent fiper paths can be a challenge - even if you go
> with 2 vendors and separate building entrances, it's often a challenge to make
> sure the paths don't end up in the same conduit at a bridge/tunnel. And even
> more of a challenge to make sure that after you actually *get* redundant paths,
> that neither vendor reprovisions to land it in the same conduit 2 years down
> the road...

   Ah the great ARPAnet digup in New York (1970s), and then Cerfnet between
LA and San Diego (most of the internet for greater LA ran across this)
getting dug up by an Amtrak in Camp Pendelton (early 1990s).  This with
contracted physically seperate routes both times.

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