[unisog] Gmail for the University

Watson, Michael watsonmj at wharton.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 23 19:28:59 GMT 2006

Ok so I saw the post from Google's blog the other day about hosting
email services for universities and I was curious as to what people had
to say about.  Specifically I am interested in the factors considered
about whether a university would host email with Google or not.  I'm
also interested to see if there is anyone that is in the process of
signing up with them.  I saw an article about how Google went to the
University of Oregon first but they declined to subscribe due to privacy
concerns that are violated by Gmail's targeted adverting.  Though
privacy seems to be a valid concern, I don't know how it differs too
much from current privacy rights that students have.  I am curious as to
what other factors there may be out there (besides features).


I figured I would ask a pretty diverse group of educational admins for
their opinions.  Would you subscribe your school to an outsourced mail
environment like Gmail?  And why or why not?


Sorry for such a broad question, but my colleague and I differ in
opinions so I figured I'd get some more!


Mike W.

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