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Ray Strubinger ray.strubinger at oit.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 23 21:53:23 GMT 2006

Karl_Oder at rush.edu wrote:
> We are working on a policy for forwarding email after someone has left the 
> institution. I would like to hear what other University's policies are in 
> regards to forwarding Professors' and employees' email after they have 
> left the institution.
> Thanks,
> Karl Oder
> Rush University Medical Center

HIPAA concerns were a motivator for one school to change their email 
forwarding policy to state that if you leave the institution, your email 
is not forwarded but forwarding information may be provided to the sender.

The policy included language along the lines that if you remained 
employed with the institution or had some significant relationship with 
the institution (such as research/grant activities), your email might be 
a candidate for forwarding or more likely, your email account might 
remain active, depending on your new role and where you transferred.

The condition of being employed or having a significant relationship at 
the institution was a key factor as many universities have an "email for 
life" or alumni email service which could be considered as "within the 
institution" by some.  That type of email service (if you have HIPAA 
concerns) may violate the spirit if not the letter of the policy 
depending on the nature of the separation.


Ray Strubinger
Information Security Program Manager

Georgia Institute of Technology
OIT Information Security

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