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PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Thu Feb 23 22:50:40 GMT 2006

I have always disliked this sort of thing as you have now REQUIRED people to 
install YOUR software on their computer - This makes you responsible for 
anything that software does (Keep in mind that requiring can nullify any 
disclaimer - and since software almost always has disclaimers that the 
providers [software writers] are not responsible for any damage, YOU become 
responsible and cannot disclaim your way out of it as YOU required the 
software be installed).

Just remember all the trouble SONY got in with the Copyright protection 
ROOTKIT on their CD's.

Also - what OSes will you be shutting out (nothing runs on everything)?

David Millar wrote:

> We're planning a Network Access Control project.
> Has anyone encountered privacy (or any other) concerns about requiring the 
> installation of a software agent that reports on patch status, A/V status 
> and password strength, as a condition of nework access.
> Also, would anyone be willing to share statistics about the percentage of 
> machines that typically wind up in quarantine?
> Thanks,
> David Millar
> University Information Security Officer
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