[unisog] Story in today's ICS handler's diary

hermit921 hermit921 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 28 22:09:17 GMT 2006

When I was teaching, this is the sort of assignment I would hand out.  If 
the student didn't come back with a signed contract with the target owner 
for doing their testing, they would fail.  They obviously hadn't paid 
attention in class or to the required reading.  Not an exact parallel since 
I wasn't teaching this area of computers, but the basic principle of 
knowing the rules applies.


At 12:01 PM 2/28/2006, Andy Johnston wrote:
>There's an odd story in today's diary at the ISC:
>Seems some professor has assigned his class a project consisting of 
>picking a target on the internet, pen-testing it, and providing the 
>professor with a full report.
>Keep your IDSs warmed up.
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