[unisog] [SECURITY] Security risk assessment survey for research

Victoriano Casas, ISO vcasas at austin.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 28 23:09:52 GMT 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

So far - only 4 people completed the survey.  I'd really appreciate a
couple more; please!!

I'm CCing UNISOG --- Please read my email below.

BTW I noticed about 50 different IPs accessed my survey (a few as recent
as yesterday) - if those 50 would submit it via email either in xml
format or just cut/paste into email as plain text, I'd sincerely
appreciate it!

Thanks y'all,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Victoriano Casas, ISO [mailto:vcasas at AUSTIN.UTEXAS.EDU] 
> Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 12:43 PM
> Subject: [SECURITY] Security risk assessment survey for research
> Dear Information Security Professionals:
> My name is Victoriano Casas and I am a graduate student at 
> Texas State University (www.txstate.edu) pursuing a Masters 
> in Public Administration (MPA). I also work full time at the 
> University of Texas at Austin as an Information Security 
> Analyst in the Information Security Office.  I am currently 
> working on my applied research project (ARP, commonly called a
> thesis) to fulfill the requirements for my degree. I would 
> like to request your participation in a short survey.  The 
> focus of my research is security risk assessments.
> This research project is non-funded. The intent of this 
> survey is to obtain expert opinion on categories of an 
> information security risk assessment. The survey will take no 
> longer than 10 minutes.
> Your response will be kept confidential and only aggregate 
> statistics will be reported.  Your individual expert opinion 
> is requested and will not be construed as a representation of 
> your agency or university.  The survey is for research only 
> and will not be used to make comparisons between universities 
> and/or state agencies.
> Thank you very much for your time and cooperation. If you 
> have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact 
> me or the professor overseeing the research project.  Your 
> response is requested by March 13, 2006.
> Thank you for participating in this survey.  The survey can 
> be downloaded at the following URL:
> https://webspace.utexas.edu/vc243/CasasV_Survey.pdf
> If you would like a copy of the finished ARP, please email me 
> or visit the Texas State University MPA website 
> (http://uweb.txstate.edu/~ps07/arp_ind.htm). 
> Sincerely,
> Victoriano Casas III, CISSP
> Graduate Student, Texas State University at San Marcos 
> vcasas at austin.utexas.edu
> (512) 232-9371 (office at UT)
> Oversight Professor:
>            Hassan Tajalli, Ph.D.
>            Masters of Public Administration Program
>            Department of Political Science
>            Texas State University
>            San Marcos, TX 78666
>            (512) 245-2143
>            tajalli at txstate.edu

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