[unisog] "LogWatch" for Windows Systems

Josh Fiske jfiske at clarkson.edu
Wed Jul 19 12:22:21 GMT 2006

This is a useful tool that I've found to send Windows event logs over to 
our syslog server.  Once the logs are living on our syslog server, the 
standard logwatch stuff can parse it and send reports.  It doesn't deal 
with IIS logs, so it might not work for your situation, but I thought 
others might find it handy.


-- Josh
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[unisog] "LogWatch" for Windows Systems

Good day,

Does anyone know of a set of scripts kinda like LogWatch for windows 
that would email a daily report of event log and abnormal IIS activity?

Not really sure of where I should start looking for such a thing and
starting my own is somewhere along the good intention freeway.

Chris Green
UAB Data Security, 5-0842

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