[unisog] Centralized auth for web servers

Dale W. Carder dwcarder at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 24 20:29:22 GMT 2006

On Jul 24, 2006, at 2:39 PM, James J. Barlow wrote:
> Was wondering if anyone else has any experience in a centralized web
> authentication application?
> ....
> We have looked at Bluestem (https://www-s.uiuc.edu/bluestem/notes/ 
> overview.html)
> and was wondering what other sites may be using.  TIA.

Our middleware folks are using pubcookie.
See http://www.pubcookie.org/
and http://middleware.internet2.edu/webiso/


Dale W. Carder - Network Engineer
University of Wisconsin at Madison

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