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I don't understand your question. How can comprising a service that is
partipitating in Kerberized environment allow a miscreant to snag
passwords. In a "true" a kerberos environment the credentials
(username/password) are never  passed to a service, only tickets are.
for a description of kerberos works.

If your web servers are using SPNEGO, then a miscreant should never be
able snag your passwords from the webservers.

Or are you using MS Active Directory as a LDAP server, and not a true kerberos?

On 7/24/06, James J. Barlow <jbarlow at ncsa.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Was wondering if anyone else has any experience in a centralized web
> authentication application?  We seem to have more and more servers
> being set up at our site that accept kerberos passwords (which authenticate
> against our centralized kerberos servers), and it's making me a bit
> nervous.  I'm worried about one of those servers getting compromised
> and then a miscreant could snag lots of peoples kerberos passwords.
> I'd like a solution where the different web servers could use one server
> for authentication (which would then be centrally managed), and then
> use that authenticaton token/cookie, or whatever, for access to their pages.
> We have looked at Bluestem (https://www-s.uiuc.edu/bluestem/notes/overview.html)
> and was wondering what other sites may be using.  TIA.
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