[unisog] registering servers

Ken Connelly ken.connelly at uni.edu
Mon Jul 24 23:53:15 GMT 2006

We don't lock this down, but I do have snort alert me when a 
non-mailserver starts sending lots of mail directly to off-campus servers.

- ken

Jordan Wiens wrote:

>We've got a policy of blocking outbound port 25 and requiring mail 
>servers to be registered.  This has saved us a lot of headaches over the 
>past few years and we're looking at what other Universities have done in 
>regards to registering other services besides just outbound mail.
>Can those who have experience with registering some or all of the 
>services on their campus before allowing access comment to me (either 
>off or on list) and I'll report with a summary of the results?
>I'm specifically interested in how much work it was to implement, 
>whether you have stuck with the initial design, unforeseen problems, 
>whether the benefits outweigh the cost, etc.

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