[unisog] Formal computer/software upgrade plan

Vodhanel, Steve (LLU) svodhanel at llu.edu
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Our accreditation review board mentioned several things regarding IT and
it's use. One was that we did not have a comprehensive computer/software
upgrade plan in place, no auditing system with dates, nor any purchasing
records for prior equipment. Consequently I am changing this. When I
worked on the NMCI (Navy Marine Corp Intranet) project, the contract had
a very specific outline of these issues, but I no longer have access to
it. Another thing the accrediting committee was our faculty's poor use
of Blackboard technologies.



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Hello Steve,


Your question is a little broad in scope, is there something specific
you can share regarding the WASC comment? 



On Jul 24, 2006, at 1:17 PM, Vodhanel, Steve ((LLU)) wrote:

	Does anyone have an official computer hardware and software
upgrade plan for their organization? I would be interested in what you
have, as we are beginning to consider this due to a comment from our
accreditation committee at WASC.


While I am not the person in charge of these operations in the past the
following has been true.


Server Upgrades: Usually servers are on a 3 year plan for upgrade, but
while that has worked in the past, in some cases needs outstrip the
"plan." So we are starting to go to a yearly review cycle for  each
server / service pairing.


Desktop System: Faculty staff are on a 3 year plan with early upgrades
determined based on need and recommendation of  dean/supervisor/vp.


Labs: Upgraded on a rotating basis, one lab environment/type is upgraded
every year. This unfortunately only applies to labs which are directly
under the control of IT. We have a number of "donated labs" whose
equipment is not covered under our plan and is upgraded directly out of
donated or supplied departmental funds. For those labs we do upgrade we
try to put the best machines possible given our budget in the lab, upon
upgrading a lab the existing machines will be added to the desktop
system upgrade computer pool.


Student Worker machines: These machines generally are purchased directly
by the departments from our pool of available machines. 


All machines purchased or installed throughout campus must be approved
and inventoried by the IT department. When a machine is permanently
retired from campus service it is either parted out, sold as is to local
University personnel/students, local community or donated in mass to non
profit projects.




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