[unisog] registering servers

Cal Frye cjf at calfrye.com
Tue Jul 25 20:56:38 GMT 2006

 Gary Flynn ventured to comment, at 7/25/06 2:45 PM:
> I haven't heard of any complaints. I'm not sure if its because
> nobody is using it, because it won't work and they're not
> complaining, or because its working fine. I'm told our
> Packeteer shows some Skype traffic but I don't have details.

This and another reply begin to bring music to my ears. I didn't mean to
limit my question to Skype exclusively, but our language department is
already using Skype in the classroom to bring our students in contact
with ESL classes overseas for practical conversation. By all accounts,
it looks like a valuable learning tool, so I'm no longer at liberty to
block it at will...

Discussing Skype in particular raises a host of alternates and hence my
original question. Here at Oberlin, what is not expressly forbidden is
compulsory, and to be forbidden takes work. ;-)

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