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Richard Hopkins Richard.Hopkins at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Jun 1 11:15:57 GMT 2006

--On 31 May 2006 14:19 -0400 Bob Ellsworth <bellswor at wlu.ca> wrote:

> Greetings, as with many universities, users at our institution are
> starting to install Skype as a great new toy. We have done some
> investigation in regard to Skype and found the following clause in the
> Skype EULA:
> 4.1    Permission to utilize Your computer. In order to receive the
> benefits provided by the Skype Software, You hereby grant permission for
> the Skype Software to utilize the processor and bandwidth of Your
> computer for the limited purpose of facilitating the communication
> between Skype Software users.
> Acceptance of this clause is likely contrary to our Acceptable Use
> Policy and I would guess against the AUP of many universities. As we
> start to make decisions in regard to Skype , we were hoping that this
> list could provide some feedback as to how other universities are
> interpreting this clause.

UKERNA (who manage the UK academic network JANET) have recently published a 
guidance note on the use of Skype on JANET. It's at:



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