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Brian Anderson brian.anderson at darton.edu
Tue Jun 13 16:25:51 GMT 2006

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> Q: What must I do to trigger Autorun on my USB storage device?
> The Autorun capabilities are restricted to CD-ROM drives and fixed disk 
> drives. If you need to make a USB storage device perform Autorun, the 
> device must not be marked as a removable media device and the device 
> must contain an Autorun.inf file and a startup application.
> The removable media device setting is a flag contained within the SCSI 
> Inquiry Data response to the SCSI Inquiry command. Bit 7 of byte 1 
> (indexed from 0) is the Removable Media Bit (RMB). A RMB set to zero 
> indicates that the device is not a removable media device. A RMB of one 
> indicates that the device is a removable media device. Drivers obtain 
> this information by using the StorageDeviceProperty request.
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> ipods and nearly all usb sticks are all classified as removable media 
> and this you cannot enable autorun without some other program already 
> running on the PC (heck, that's why ipods require the ipodagent.exe 
> running on the host PC to detect the ipod insertion).

I've got a "secure" usb drive, cost about $30 several yrs ago, which mounts as a disk drive and tries to autorun the software for it's secure feature.

Cheap and easily available.

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