[unisog] Windows ADS authenticating to LDAP server

Stasiniewicz, Adam stasinia at msoe.edu
Wed Jun 14 01:09:09 GMT 2006

I am presuming this higher level LDAP directory is not an AD (if so,
then just create a domain/forest trust).  So there is not much outside
of identity management products.  The biggest players being MIIS (from
Microsoft), DirXML (from Novell), and TIM (from IBM/Tivoli).

But is all reality, if your statewide system wants you to authenticate
off of them, then it should be there burden to provide you with the
tools to do so... (my $0.02)

Adam Stasiniewicz

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At the college level, all our student resources are controlled by a
Windows ADS domain.  At the system level (state-wide community college
system) student accounts are maintained centrally on a server that
allows LDAP authentication.  Does anyone know of a product we can
install on our student windows domain to authenticate to the central
LDAP server?  We're fairly small, and aren't looking to write something
from scratch.


John York
Network Engineer
Blue Ridge Community College

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