[unisog] Inbound traffiic from Internet

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Thu Jun 15 04:50:59 GMT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 18:26:36 -0400
Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

> And this, my friends, is what happens when you firewall off a lot of
> ports.  If port 80 is the only port likely to make it out, it *will*

You're such a troll.  :-)  You, myself and a handful of others have
decried this sorts of behavior for many years.  Very few organizations
are going to reduce packet mangling and return some transparency no
matter how much we scream and shout at this point.

However, the original post included a comment about not being able to
use a Packeteer box.  I haven't heard of anyone taking out their packet
filters, firewalls and NATs, but I know of some who have taken out the
packet shaper or are considering doing so.  You people really need to
be giving talks about why as well as some data about what you've seen
before and after the transition.

I'd like to be able to quantitatively measure, in detail, if possible
between networks operated at different ends of the spectrum.  At this
point I only have anecdotal evidence, and most certainly some bias.  I
think those removing that one type of mangler are in an ideal position
to give us some real data and some counter-arguments for moving back a
bit towards transparency.  Please consider giving a presentation.  I
recommend Joint Techs for most people on this list:



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