[unisog] A Question About PC Misbehavior

De Carteret, Matthew Matthew.DeCarteret at upstream.originenergy.com.au
Wed Jun 21 23:00:39 GMT 2006

I saw yesterday a machine doing a similar crash. I was fortunate that it
gave the name of the .DLL that was causing the error (BHOBJ.DLL) which I
put into google and was found to not be malware but just some random
browser help object. Hence I deleted and rebooted machine and the errors
stopped. Check things like recent updates to windows and software like
adobe which can embed itself into iexplore and check within iexplore for
any add-ons/plugins that are not needed. Secondly does the error also
occur in safemode? Just a couple suggestions...  




Matthew de Carteret

PC Support & Linux Administrator

Origin Energy - Upstream




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We have an issue that seems to be spreading albeit very slowly.  The
issue appears to cause problems on start up and we see "memory cannot be
written" errors in either iexplore.exe or explore.exe.


Sounds like malcode or spyware to me.  Any stuff circulating around that
comes to anyone's mind of late?  Any suggestions on what might pry it






Allen Mundt


"There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough
preparation -- veneer isn't worth anything."
   --  George Washington Carver

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