[unisog] large netflow values and skype?

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Thu Jun 22 15:34:19 GMT 2006

Yes .. Skype can have thousands of connections if the host becomes a 
supernode. University networks (with open firewall policies and 
high-bandwidth connections) are prime for clients doing this.

AFIK, there is no "network approach" to preventing it, other than 
blocking Skype all together.


David Herd wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm receiving reports of large netflows over various ports on some of 
> our machines.
> I've looked at the machines and they don't seem to have anything major 
> wrong. 
> I've made sure that they have the latest OS patches, virus programs and
> anti-spyware tools.  I've also checked for rootkits.  What I have found 
> is that
> most of the machines have Skype on them.
> I know that under certain conditions Skype will promote a machine to a 
> supernode.
> Is this what I'm seeing?
>  Flows     Source IP  Dest Port  Protocol     Router    Packets  Bytes
>    130     X.X.X.X        dns       udp       pabxbcr1   130    9.1 KB
>    142     X.X.X.X        dns       udp       libdr1     142    9.9 KB
>    206     X.X.X.X        dns       udp       libbs1     206   14.4 KB
> Each computer seems to use the same port consistently, eg, udp/53, 
> tcp/80 and
> it has disappeared both time I've closed the Skype client.
> Has anybody else noticed Skype will suddenly produce large netflows?
> Thanks
> David
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