[unisog] lab platform query

Phil Temples ptemples at cs.bc.edu
Fri Mar 3 17:31:01 GMT 2006

In preparation for our lab equipment / three-year replacement cycle, 
I've been asked by management to query sysadmins at computer science 
departments at other universities to learn what hardware platforms/OSes 
folks are running.  At the moment, we have a lab of approx. 30 dual-boot 
(WinXP, Fedora Core 4) Pentium IV systems served by a Red Hat server 
running NFS/NIS. Some faculty are asking for our current wintel systems 
to be swapped out with Apple/ OS X.

Your thoughts?  I'd be happy to summarize for the list in order to 
conserve bandwidth.  Thanks.


Phil Temples
Systems Administrator
Department of Computer Science
Boston College
Phone: (617) 552-0153
Pager: (617) 228-2553
Email: ptemples at cs.bc.edu

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