[unisog] Systems support staff on HelpDesk rotation?

hermit921 hermit921 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 19:14:22 GMT 2006

Rotating highly technical staff through a low level position sounds like a 
wonderful idea if you have them sitting around with not much to 
do.  Otherwise, who gets to explain why jobs just got delayed 
weeks/months?  And if you have a statement that explains why that delay is 
beneficial to users, I would love to see it.  I could use that every day.


At 10:43 AM 3/8/2006, Robin Anderson wrote:

>Our management is considering rotating all technical/systems support staff
>through the HelpDesk on some sort of preset schedule.  The stated goal is
>to expose the staff to a direct customer service and support environment,
>making them more sensitive to the customer's needs and the HelpDesk's
>position as intermediary.  Management's premise is that a lot of other
>schools do this, and that it will be beneficial to all involved.
>A few queries on the subject:
>         * Is your site actively doing this? ... considering doing this?
>                 * What experiences have you had with it?
>                 * Are customers happier?
>                 * Are employees happier? (Management, HelpDesk, techies)
>                 * Have workflow processes been improved?
>         * What reasons are behind the decision (either way)?
>Feel free to add other commentary as it occurs to you.  Thanks!
>Robin Anderson
>SysAdmin, Security Specialist
>Office of Information Technology, UMBC
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