[unisog] Systems support staff on HelpDesk rotation?

Mike Honeycutt honeycutt at unca.edu
Wed Mar 8 19:26:41 GMT 2006

We tried that a few years ago and
management (me) loved it, but the
IT staff hated it.

I liked it because I felt it gave the IT staff
exposure to the problems of the campus.
They hated it because I don't think they
felt comfortable supporting hardware and
software they didn't know.

We gave it up after about six months.
In the meantime, we've gone to student
support on the help desk.  I'm not 100% in
favor of having students deal with technical
problems but the truth is the campus hasn't

Mike Honeycutt
UNC Asheville


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Our management is considering rotating all technical/systems support staff
through the HelpDesk on some sort of preset schedule.  The stated goal is
to expose the staff to a direct customer service and support environment,
making them more sensitive to the customer's needs and the HelpDesk's
position as intermediary.  Management's premise is that a lot of other
schools do this, and that it will be beneficial to all involved.

A few queries on the subject:

	* Is your site actively doing this? ... considering doing this?
		* What experiences have you had	with it?
		* Are customers happier?
		* Are employees happier? (Management, HelpDesk, techies)
		* Have workflow processes been improved?

	* What reasons are behind the decision (either way)?

Feel free to add other commentary as it occurs to you.  Thanks!

Robin Anderson
SysAdmin, Security Specialist
Office of Information Technology, UMBC
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