[unisog] Remote sniffers- what do you use?

sunia sunia at networking.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 8 22:09:15 GMT 2006

Just wanted to say that this is a really helpful and friendly group.  
Thanks for all the good ideas!

Right now, I'm trying to evaluate various sniffer tools.  I've taken a 
look at NetScout's nGenius and Network General's Sniffer/Infinistream.  
Both seem extremely top-heavy business oriented suites which require 
lots of care and feeding.  What I'd really like is just a super simple 
way of seeing packets on every local network.  My current thought is to 
just use some sort of opensource sniffer on a bunch of small hosts that 
sit off span ports at each major distribution point.  I'd script the 
spanning so it would be easy to get onto the right network.

Anyone have any recommendations for an open source sniffer (ideally cli 
and web interface, no weird platform or java dependencies)?  Catering 
to individuals' prejudices against/for user interfaces turns out to be 
a lot more difficult than the backend stuff.

What are you using?



Sunia Yang
Network Engineer
Stanford University
sunia.yang at stanford.edu

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