[unisog] Remote sniffers- what do you use?

Isaac Perez suscripcions at tsolucio.com
Thu Mar 9 09:03:59 GMT 2006

It's not web based, but if you have to monitor a lot of traffic, simply 
sniffing and checking it manually will be very hard.
You can try this one, I read about it in a book, the book that appears 
in the web.
 I have no experience with it, so I can't tell any personal opinion at 
the moment.

En/na sunia ha escrit:
> Just wanted to say that this is a really helpful and friendly group.  
> Thanks for all the good ideas!
> Right now, I'm trying to evaluate various sniffer tools.  I've taken a 
> look at NetScout's nGenius and Network General's Sniffer/Infinistream.  
> Both seem extremely top-heavy business oriented suites which require 
> lots of care and feeding.  What I'd really like is just a super simple 
> way of seeing packets on every local network.  My current thought is to 
> just use some sort of opensource sniffer on a bunch of small hosts that 
> sit off span ports at each major distribution point.  I'd script the 
> spanning so it would be easy to get onto the right network.
> Anyone have any recommendations for an open source sniffer (ideally cli 
> and web interface, no weird platform or java dependencies)?  Catering 
> to individuals' prejudices against/for user interfaces turns out to be 
> a lot more difficult than the backend stuff.
> What are you using?
> Thanks!
> Sunia
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