[unisog] network traffic simulations

Isac Balder piis8 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 15:39:35 GMT 2006

--- Michael Holstein <michael.holstein at csuohio.edu>

> tcpreplay.

TCPREPLAY is nice, but you have to have a copy of
traffic from something.  It can sometimes be
challanging to find and / or create the traffic you
wish to repeatedly simulate.

> Nathan W. Labadie wrote:
> > We're currently looking into a platform for doing
> simulations of network 
> > traffic. This would include creating a large
> number of random flows, 
> > packets, src/dst ports, etc to mimic the typical
> behavior of a 
> > university network. We're basically looking for a
> way to "burn in" new 
> > network equipment before it's placed in
> production. Does anyone have 
> > any experience or recommendations?

I used Spirent Avalanche and Reflector at a prior job.
 They are commercial and they are a bit pricey,
however they not only simulate traffic they can also
simulate specific server types and versions to
generate said simulated traffic.  Spirent can generate
all kinds of good, mal formed, and flat out bad
traffic types.  Another downside to that particular
package is that it tended to be a bit touchy in the
configuration.  We had a lot of issues with
"stability", however after buying the product
management never gave us money to actually attend
trainging so those stability issues may have been user


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