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The most common method I have seen is using VLANs.  Basically on your backbone lines you would put tagged VLANs (one VLAN for your primary network, and a second one for the management network).  The actual ports on switches you would manually assign a VLAN and prohibit tagging.  And if you put the management IP for the switches and routers only on the management VLAN, it makes it extremely hard to hack into it.

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I am looking to get some thoughts on locking down our management vlan where our Cisco gear (and other management devices) sit.  We have thrown around the idea of a VPN solution so that we can access devices from other networks other than where our administrator's workstations sit.  Does anyone have any suggestions for locking down a management network, and what kind of access into the network you would recommend (i.e. multihomed workstations/servers, vpn solution, etc.)?  Thanks for your suggestions,


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