[unisog] Problems with EDU.COM domain

Brian Anderson brian.anderson at darton.edu
Thu Mar 23 16:52:13 GMT 2006

They (Vantage Media) seem to be phishing for students.  Whatever college prefix you use in the address they make a page for requesting information from the school.

Whatever they get they can then sell to the schools that they host.

The blurb at the bottom may protect them from legal action.  
>From ucla.edu.com:

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> University of California - Los Angeles is not affiliated with this site, and does not endorse or sponsor this page.


>     You might drop a note to your campus counsel in Re: infringement on
> your name (e.g.  UCLA got an injuction against UCLA.com which was a porn
> site, one could and probably would make the same argument against
> WVU.edu.com).

Brian L. Anderson
Darton College
Office of Information Technology
brian.anderson at darton.edu

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